'Merican Made Latte or lucky's frappe

Your Choice 4th of July Hot or Ice Cold

One or more of our quality flavors:

Vanilla - Caramel - Mocha - White Mocha -Hazelnut - Irish Cream - Caramelized Peanut - Rose - Raspberry - Blueberry - Dulce de leche - Mango - Orange - Coconut - Strawberry - Peach -Cherry - Lemon - Lavender

Milk Choices: Whole - Half&Half - Oat - Almond - Coconut - Soy

Extras: Whipped Cream or Extra Shot

Drip and Cold Coffee

Mericano Espresso and Mineral Water

Trucker's Drip Our specialty house blend to keep Ya truckin!

Texan Chillin' Cold Brew Our "All-Nighter" cold brew blend

"Git R Done" Nitro Coffee Our Cold Brew Coffee infused with Nitrogen

Melvin's Hot Chocolate Lucky's special recipe

Jello Shots

Strawberry - Watermelon - Party Punch - Blue Raspberry - Sour Apple - Fussy Peach - Rasta Berry

Tea and Sodas

Good Ole' Sweet Tea Our signature tea with real sugar cane.

Specialty "Loose Leaf" Tea All variations for the Tea sipper.

Front Porch Sittin' Lemonade Like grandma used to make!

Star Creek Water Our Specialty filtered water with injected minerals!

Margarita and Daiquiri Flavors

  • Margarita Smooth Blend with Agave Tequila wine

  • Strawberry Daiquiri Made with real strawberry puree

  • Pina Colada Coconut creamy flavor will transport you to a beach

  • White Russian Smooth adult milkshake

  • Tanned Merican Smooth adult milkshake with our coffee

  • Hypnotic Better hold on cause, it will put you in a trance.

  • Mangonada Mango with chamoy and chile lime salt.

  • Hurricane Rita Tropical Cat 5 that will spin you around.

  • Liquid Marijuana Mellow blend that might give you the munchies!

We also have Special Surprise Flavors

"Real Men of Genius" Beer

  • Budweiser

  • Bud Light

  • Michelob Ultra